About Us

Few words about Skyfly Travel LLC

SKYFLY is a travel and agency based in Ajman, UAE. We specialize in providing the optimum solutions to all your travel needs, whatever they may be. Whether you wish to go on a vacation anywhere in the world, visit UAE, apply for a visa to enter any country, or just need a ride, we can definitely help.

Our main objective is providing you with impeccable service and memorable experiences during all your travels. Your safety is our main concern, and your satisfactions is our utmost priority. Furthermore, we promise to provide you with the best package with compliance to your specific preferences and in accordance to your budget



  1. It’s the “why” behind everything we do.
  2. We want to make travel decisions easier for you by keeping you updated with the latest trends in the travel industry – we have a lot of them, believe it!
  3. SKYFLY Travel l is a dawn of a new age! It’s time you forget those hectic times of searching the cheapest and the best rates in the market. All your desires and needs are just a click away. Whether you browse through our website, or meet us in person, you will simply feel powerful. The next level travel is right here

Our Mission

We aim to grow further in our industry, and become a lead tour operator in the country, and worldwide. Our loyal returning customers, be them retail customers or businesses partners are our main commitment, are one of our most treasurable assets. It is through the remarkable experiences that they have had with us, and their recommendations that we grow in our industry remarkably and rapidly.

01. Quality

We provide you with the finest quality of services, so that you only collect moments and not things.

04. Experiences

We believe in providing experiences because life is full of great experiences if we only give it a shot.

02. Relationships

We help you travel farther with less boundaries, so that you build stronger relationships.

05. Creativity

We always leave a touch of creativity in everything we are giving, which changes everything.

03. Traveling

We execute your dream of traveling that leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller.

06. Emotions

We cater to all your emotions and respect them so that you get what you want and love what you are ge